Frequently Asked Questions

Easy answer; we have no competition for what we do. We take a very unique approach to helping companies create a strong sales or service culture by getting the employees involved in the process so they don’t feel like victims of the process. Instead of trying to force employees to do things they don’t want to do, we work with employees to make them inclusive. This creates strong buy-in and unity.

Do you know anyone that likes to be “managed”? It reeks of control and manipulation and that should not be part of a great sales or service culture. Unfortunately, the business world creates “managers” and my job is to turn them into “leaders” otherwise a service culture is almost impossible.

It is OK to use the word “program” if you are talking about something that has a short life span such as a special promotion. However, the word should never be used when talking about sales or customer service, because those should not have a short life. That is why I always encourage the use of the word “culture” when talking about sales or service because they should be woven deep within the fabric of the organization. The average employee believes a “program” lasts 90 days, so it would be crazy to introduce a customer service “program”, because you just told employees it is going away soon.

Anyone can learn the skills to be a great leader, however, I believe that certain people are born with emotional intelligence (see Daniel Goleman’s book titled “Emotional Intelligence”) which makes them more effective at what they have learned. EI is the ability to tap into other people’s emotions, which is what most great leaders excel in. Most people don’t have EI and that is why I created my seminar and video titled “Outstanding Leadership in a Service Culture”, which is a must for anyone in a leadership role.

Absolutely! No two clients receive the same seminar. I work with each client to learn their business needs then customize the seminar and the worksheets, which you get final approval on.

Our goal is never to replace internal training, but to enhance it. Once you train employees, they will need new information with which to take their performance to the next level. That is what we provide – It is like giving the employees a shot of adrenaline with powerful and fun new information. We can also work with internal trainers to teach them our exclusive Perception Awareness Training technique.

Our years of research determined that there were certain components to training that created greater retention in attendees. Perception Awareness Training combines powerful and innovative content (answers the employee’s question’ “why should I change?”), with humor (increases retention), along with great stories (people don’t remember statistics but they remember great stories), passion (motivation to change) and the customer’s perception about the things that we do or do not do (how they impact the customer).

Live seminars are far more powerful and motivating, and can change behavior much faster. It is the difference between a CD and concert. One is music and the other is an emotional experience that you never forget. Videos are certainly great for new hires and refresher courses in order to keep the culture strong.

We are ala carte, so you can pick which services best suit your needs and budget.

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